I think it’s about time for another entry.  This one will deal with things I hate.  The list would be far too long if I did general hate things, so I’ll keep it to a shorter “things I hate about people.”  Even that will be long.  Okay, so it’s about friends.

I hate….

-When a friend says they’ll be back on later to chat, they come on and they never say anything.  Glad I stuck around for that.

-When a friend only talks to me when they have a problem.  Everything I know about someone should not be 100% negative stuff.

-When people I barely even know (whom I don’t even recall telling) wish me a happy birthday, while my friends that knew about it don’t say sh!t to me before, on or after my birthday.  Yet, I’m supposed to be interested in every little thing they do in life.

-When a friend asks me to do something to help them out, I agree and we discuss it a bit, we’re supposed to continue the chat later, but the friend never brings it up again and then went and did it without my help and without bothering to even tell me, “Stop thinking of how to do it, cos I don’t need you to do it, anymore.”

-When a friend hardly knows anything about me, and doesn’t care to ask, but expects me to know things about them and what’s going on in their life so I can give advice.

-When a friend tells me things and then denies them or acts like they never said it when I bring it up, later.  Then I’m supposed to ignore the fact that it sounds like a bunch of bullsh!t and lies because their story never stays the same.  And I’m also made to feel stupid because I don’t know the updated version of the story.

-When a friend says things that make me look forward to something, or get my hopes up about something, and then they pretend it never happened.

-When a friend knows how I feel about them, but they say things to make me admit my feelings and then make me feel stupid because they go back on whatever it was they said.

-When a friend says they’re sorry for doing something, but they keep doing it over and over again and have lame excuses as to why.

I’ve only had real life friends who walked all over me, used me and ditched me for other people.  I’ve had enough of that.  I thought my internet friends were different, but surprise!  Some aren’t.  Some are the best and never do ANY of the things listed here.  And then some….well some have done everything I listed.  And I still consider them a friend?  Why?  Because I’ve never been able to say “no” to a friend.  And I don’t like hurting people.  And I’m an idiot for putting up with it, but I’m on my way to taking a stand against it.