Once again, it’s been a while since I made a new entry. I’ve been so involved with my FaceBook & Tumblr accounts, that I forget about this site. Plus not many people look on here, anyway.

So, what’s new with me? My boyfriend (Johnny) came to visit at the end of May and stayed until the middle of July. That was amazing. We really hit it off well. We went to a lot of local stores and restaurants as well as the Inner Harbour (Aquarium and Science Centre). We had so much fun. I have a lot of photos of us up on my FaceBook if anyone is interested.

While he was here, I saw the cutest bunny in the pet store (which I didn’t intend to buy from, but this girl was so adorable). My mom let me get her and we named her Dinky (Dinky II, actually, since I had a male bunny named Dinky years ago). She’s the cutest thing!

My one (sweet) rat (Max) died many months ago. Dudley (the biter) is about 3 years old now and has balance problems, but he’s still his perky self.

Since I don’t post here often, I never mentioned my friend Sam. During Johnny’s and my off-time where he was with someone else, I decided to agree to meet this girl offline last year. We went to the fair. We didn’t talk much, both were shy, we bonded over the goats. We stopped at McDonald’s (where she used to work) and we sat for a bit and had a sweet tea. Seeing her with her friends and being herself made me see her totally differently and I felt better about it all. She was a big girl, a bit shorter than I am, tattoos and piercings. She was a goofball, like me. We hung out several times, went to a movie, hung out at her aunt’s place, etc. After the 3rd meeting, I was able to be myself around her with no hesitations. I got to see her get her tattoo touched up. We had fun. We were both recently dumped, so we bonded over there, as well.

Things were going well, we chatted online a lot. I was moving a bit too slow for her, so she agreed to go meet this other girl and then said she was unsure about it all, but they ended up meeting and getting together. I felt a bit hurt, we parted ways, Johnny and I got back together, Sam and her girl broke up, we got back in touch in 2011 and decided to hang out. We went to the mall and had fun. She was about to get her own car back the following week and we were gonna go see a movie then. We talked one night online and the next day, I saw on her FaceBook that she had passed away in her sleep. I was a wreck. I finally go out and meet someone, we become good friends and get along great and then I lose her. I didn’t have the strength to go to the funeral. I just hope she’s happier where she is, because she certainly deserves happiness. She always had love from people and I hope she realizes that.

Anyway, I started therapy (basically small chats and medication trials) for my anxiety and depression. A few months ago I started seeing a psychologist. Just talking about things really helps. I’ve been on so many different medications (limited to what Wal-Mart covers) but none have worked. My doc says she can notice a little change, though.

Oh, I started to stretch my ears. I’m on 4g at the moment. I like how it looks. Mowhawk hair is still going on. Dare to be yourself. Dare to be different. Dare to like it.

I hope everyone is doing well. Hit me up on the linked sites above to keep in better touch with me!