I’m extremely shy (not as much online), have a social anxiety disorder, low self-esteem, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, depression & don’t get out much. I live with my mom (dad passed away on June 2, 2012) & no longer work because of my anxiety. I was born in Michigan in 1978 & live in Maryland (since 1985). I’ve only been in ONE relationship in my life. I have a very hard time trusting people. I take a long time to feel comfortable around someone. I’m more comfy with dorky, outgoing (but not conceited) people. I didn’t know I was attracted to girls until I fell in love with someone in 2009. Soon after, he came out as FtM trans-gendered, which I was fine with. He left me, came back, then a couple years after, he left me again after having gained my trust & promising me he wouldn’t hurt me. I’ve known people online for years & never felt like we connected enough for me to feel comfortable meeting them in person. I like goth/punk/rocker looks (black clothes, chains, tattoos, piercings) & butch-looking gals. I’m a vegetarian (since 1993), love animals, am caring/empathetic & can tend to be negative about things. I’m Pansexual (meaning I can love someone no matter what their gender or sexual orientation). I love photography & taking photos. I love my Mom!!!!