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*waves to MSN friends*

I think it’s about time for another entry.  This one will deal with things I hate.  The list would be far too long if I did general hate things, so I’ll keep it to a shorter “things I hate about people.”  Even that will be long.  Okay, so it’s about friends.

I hate….

-When a friend says they’ll be back on later to chat, they come on and they never say anything.  Glad I stuck around for that.

-When a friend only talks to me when they have a problem.  Everything I know about someone should not be 100% negative stuff.

-When people I barely even know (whom I don’t even recall telling) wish me a happy birthday, while my friends that knew about it don’t say sh!t to me before, on or after my birthday.  Yet, I’m supposed to be interested in every little thing they do in life.

-When a friend asks me to do something to help them out, I agree and we discuss it a bit, we’re supposed to continue the chat later, but the friend never brings it up again and then went and did it without my help and without bothering to even tell me, “Stop thinking of how to do it, cos I don’t need you to do it, anymore.”

-When a friend hardly knows anything about me, and doesn’t care to ask, but expects me to know things about them and what’s going on in their life so I can give advice.

-When a friend tells me things and then denies them or acts like they never said it when I bring it up, later.  Then I’m supposed to ignore the fact that it sounds like a bunch of bullsh!t and lies because their story never stays the same.  And I’m also made to feel stupid because I don’t know the updated version of the story.

-When a friend says things that make me look forward to something, or get my hopes up about something, and then they pretend it never happened.

-When a friend knows how I feel about them, but they say things to make me admit my feelings and then make me feel stupid because they go back on whatever it was they said.

-When a friend says they’re sorry for doing something, but they keep doing it over and over again and have lame excuses as to why.

I’ve only had real life friends who walked all over me, used me and ditched me for other people.  I’ve had enough of that.  I thought my internet friends were different, but surprise!  Some aren’t.  Some are the best and never do ANY of the things listed here.  And then some….well some have done everything I listed.  And I still consider them a friend?  Why?  Because I’ve never been able to say “no” to a friend.  And I don’t like hurting people.  And I’m an idiot for putting up with it, but I’m on my way to taking a stand against it.


A few (okay, two) of my MSN friends have encouraged me to use this blog thingy more often.  So I’ll copy & paste my GJ entry (since it’s friend’s only) about my birthday, yesterday.


Subject:  Oh, happy day!

Mood:  Loved

Entry:  I had a fantabulous day!

My mom came up around 8am and was the first voice I heard. She wished me a happy birthday and said to get ready to go, soon. We went to the cemetery to put flowers on the graves for Easter. I took lotsa photos. It was chilly. Got gas at BJ’s, first. Left the cemetery, went to Wal-Mart and mom let me get my ears pierced (instead of in NY) for the fourth time. She walked around in crafts while I had it done (both at the same time, this time) and she said I wouldn’t believe her, but when I was getting it done, she had a pain in her ear, where her earring is, enough for her to put her finger there when she felt it. Weird.

We went to K-Mart, I got food, went home and she gave me my ring (10k white gold with 8 hearts and a tiny diamond in each heart). She gave me a pretty card with a poem/story about Daughters on a little card that comes off the actual card. She wrote a nice note, inside. I opened the card from my cousin, the one from my gram, got a vegetarian cook book from my cousin and a Frasier episode guide book from her, went outside while mom weeded in the yard and I noticed one of the diamonds was missing from my ring. She called to make sure they had another (only one white and one gold one left) and they held it for us. We went back to K-Mart (a couple hours later) to exchange it, so I took more photos of the new one and all. There were Easter bunnies at K-Mart and mom said some little kid said that’s not the real Easter bunny cos that one has a zipper on the back of him, lmao!

I got more food, we stopped at McD’s and mom got food and I got a soda. Saw a huge stretch limo across the street at dunkin’ donuts. Mom said it was Jay Leno, lol!

While in the yard, I opened my card from my friend Katie (fuzzy monkey card) and my package from Mel (thanks!) with lotsa cool goodies in there. Candy I can actually eat, little piggy, Soy drinkies, ear wash for Lucky, cute card, lil’ hat.

Mom tolerated me all day. We played some Mahjongg on the computer in the basement. Tried to beat each others’ times. She watched my Mulan DVD that I got for my birthday, she gave me my clean, ironed Let It Be and younger Beatles shirts and my two Bob Ross, Happy Trees shirts. We just recently had cake and ice cream, took a lot of silly photos and pretty much talked about poop puns the entire time we ewer eating, lmao! Good times!

My mom called my gram, in Florida, and I spoke to her. She sang the birthday song to me, we argued (in a nice way) about me being a vegetarian only because people came to my school and showed films (mom said it was in Health class) and said how bad animals are treated for meat and that’s why I became a veg, but I don’t even remember that, at all. I was into Paul McCartney, he kept mentioning it, I looked into it, saw videos and stuff he was involved with, and that’s why.

Some people online gave me birthday wishes and I had no idea I told anyone it was my birthday, lol! The Wal-Mart girl said I needed ID for my earrings and I didn’t have it, but luckily my mom signed for me (she didn’t think they’d have the earrings I wanted, lol) and then she ran off cos she didn’t wanna watch. The girl said I don’t look 27. The waitress at the Olive Garden (the other week) said the same thing. Mom took me there, yesterday, to eat and I didn’t get carded. Go figure.

Oh, I got a soda at BJ’s, too. Skipped one at Wal-Mart cos I still had the first one. Mom ran into a bank teller at Wal-Mart and it was funny cos she said they always joke about going there all the time and how they’ll see each other there, and this time, they did, lol! I was gonna get a watch there, but the one we saw was at Target, so mom said the earrings were instead of the watch. They had a cool Eeyore one that was like a chain bracelet and the heart watch part hooked on. Looked neat. The one at Target is like a really wide band and the watch is in the middle, with the band behind it. Different pastel colours. Blue was my fave. But I don’t wear watches that often to really need another one.

My gram gave me $20, my dad gave me $30. My mom ran me all over town the past two weeks, lol!

All in all, I had a blast!