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And here I am, again….

I finally got a wireless router for my laptop. Yay! I’m setting up MSN on here and thought I’d post.

I got a hair cut a few months ago. Only a couple inches long in length and I wore it spiked up all over in messy spikes. It’s growing out and now I like it this way, too. I have photos but they’re on my Facebook and MySpace pages (both under OckGal).

So I went from Edward Herrmann, to Fred Gwynne and now to Dudley Moore. I became a Dudley fan in middle school and when I got a computer (after high school) I made a website called Dudley Moore – Come Again. I recently moved it to a better host, redesigned it (several times) and gave it a new name.

Forever Moore – http://dudleymoore.starszz.com

Check it out some time.

In other news, I got together with my old best friend whom I hadn’t seen in about 10 years. I’m not good around people, but it was a nice experience.

Went to the Olive Garden with my mom, yesterday. Delicious meal! My mom is the best person, ever. I love you, Mom!!!!

Well, drop me a note on the chatty thing if you see me online. Until next time….


My space, not yours.

Why do I keep thinking that this MSN thing and MySpace are the same?  I have quite a few friends on MySpace, but what do I need this MSN thing for?  Sure, it’s pretty, but I don’t even have a use for it.  Anyway, here’s my MySpace if you’re interested.  I guess I post there more than here.  Or not.  I dunno.