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And here I am, again….

I finally got a wireless router for my laptop. Yay! I’m setting up MSN on here and thought I’d post.

I got a hair cut a few months ago. Only a couple inches long in length and I wore it spiked up all over in messy spikes. It’s growing out and now I like it this way, too. I have photos but they’re on my Facebook and MySpace pages (both under OckGal).

So I went from Edward Herrmann, to Fred Gwynne and now to Dudley Moore. I became a Dudley fan in middle school and when I got a computer (after high school) I made a website called Dudley Moore – Come Again. I recently moved it to a better host, redesigned it (several times) and gave it a new name.

Forever Moore – http://dudleymoore.starszz.com

Check it out some time.

In other news, I got together with my old best friend whom I hadn’t seen in about 10 years. I’m not good around people, but it was a nice experience.

Went to the Olive Garden with my mom, yesterday. Delicious meal! My mom is the best person, ever. I love you, Mom!!!!

Well, drop me a note on the chatty thing if you see me online. Until next time….

Okay, so it’s been quite a while. I got on this chat program thingy and it had a new update, so I got it and here I am. Was this always called Windows Live?  I always called it MSN.

Anyway, my most recent celebrity interest was Edward Herrmann. Watched all the Gilmore Girls episodes, overplayed The Lost Boys, made a fansite (for both Ed AND Max). After watching the Munsters movie that had Ed as Herman, I decided to watch The Munsters TV show and even though I used to hate it, I started diggin’ it and before I knew it, I was a Herman fan, which lead to being a Fred Gwynne fan. Weird how that works. And so, another site was born: the Fred Gwynne Experience.

I recently got a cell phone. Not that I use it enough to pay for it for 2 years. Nice to have it, though. Now if I could just get over my phone shyness.

My space, not yours.

Why do I keep thinking that this MSN thing and MySpace are the same?  I have quite a few friends on MySpace, but what do I need this MSN thing for?  Sure, it’s pretty, but I don’t even have a use for it.  Anyway, here’s my MySpace if you’re interested.  I guess I post there more than here.  Or not.  I dunno.


People suck.

But I won’t bother to get into that.

I decided to get a new screen name.  The whole Alfred Molina/Doc Ock stuff is getting on my nerves.  Because of the ungrateful idiots who have no respect for me or my sites, not because of him.

AIM screen name which may change soon cos I’m not sure I wanna stick with it:  xxxSAAVIKxxx